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Is Google Testing New Logo?

Google may be testing a new Google logo after launching the existing one in September 2015. The new logo looks a bit more cartoon-like but is consistent with the original Google logo colors from the late 90s.

This was spotted by Christian Kunz who found it via Marco Look, Christian Kunz posted about it on his German blog.

Here is what the new logo looks like:

Google Testing New Logo

Here is the existing new logo:

Google 2015 Logo Svg

I did email Google’s PR team to confirm that Google is indeed testing a new logo and I will update you on what they say when I hear back.

I do wonder if this is some sort of Chrome extension causing this because I have not seen others share images of this new logo yet. We will see.

Although, John Mueller from Google replied to Christian on Mastodon saying, “Great catch!” But he did add, “To be clear, I have no insight into this. It’s not April 1st, so I’m guessing it’s not a photoshop, but who knows.”

Here is a video Google made in 2015 of the evolution of the Google logo:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

Update: 9to5Google says no, Google is not testing a new logo. They explain how to replicate this logo and why it is not new.

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