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Google: If A Page Is Indexed Then It Was Rendered By Google (Even Refreshes)

Martin Splitt from the Google Search Relations team said on Twitter that if a page is indexed that means it was rendered. He added that page refreshes are also fully rendered by Google when indexed.

He wrote on Twitter, “If it (a page) gets indexed, it was rendered. All pages (minus the obviously problematic ones, like 4xx/5xx etc) get rendered.” He said this is also for when Google refreshes the page in its index.

Here are those tweets:

Are there other exceptions outside of 4xx/5xx server status error codes? Well, maybe. Gary Illyes from Google said on occasion Google might index before rendering some news content. But often the time it takes for Google to then render it after it was indexed, is super short and probably not noticeable.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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