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Google’s Ad Liaison, Ginny Marvin, posted a X/Twitter thread clarifying some of the confusion about brand safety controls & reporting supported in PMax, Performance Max campaigns.

Ginny Marvin wrote, “There’s been some confusion about brand safety controls & reporting supported in PMax. So I want to share a rundown of important levers available to help you control the types of content your PMax ads can appear next to in Search, Shopping, Display & Video inventory.”

(1) Search & Shopping suitability controls:

– New PMax campaign-level brand exclusions prevent your ads from serving for specific brand queries in Search & Shopping

– Account-level negative keywords prevent your ads from showing for those queries in Search & Shopping

(2) Display & Video suitability controls:

PMax supports all of your account-level content suitability settings – available from the Tools icon in Google Ads

(3) Content labels allow you to narrow the maturity level of YouTube & GDN content your ads can show on or next to. This is where you’ll find the one-click “content suitable for families” option, for example.

(4) Inventory type, expanded, standard, limited, allows you to quickly choose the type of content best suited to your brand on YouTube & GDN.

(5) Content type exclusions prevent ads from showing on certain areas of video content such as live streaming or embedded YouTube video

(6) Sensitive content categories allow you to exclude certain types of GDN content such as tragedy and conflict.

(7) Exclude up to 1000 content keywords to prevent ads from showing on YouTube & GDN content related to those exact words.

(8) Placement exclusions prevent your ads from showing on specific YouTube and GDN content. PMax respects account- and MCC-level placement exclusions. For more on content suitability controls see here.

(9) PMax placement reports show the sites & apps where your ads appeared and are built expressly for GDN brand safety tools. They can be found in the Reports editor in Google Ads.

(10) The new Search Terms Insights updates include more categories, API integration, custom date ranges & downloading. More on Search Term Insights for PMax (and more).

Here is the start of that thread:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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