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Bing Image Creator To Support Accurate Text Generation Soon

One of the bigger issues with many AI image creation tools is that it cannot write text well on or with an image. It can make amazing, unique and powerful images like the one for this article but it cannot add a logo to an image or write accurate text over an image.

That is going to change soon with Bing Image Creator and Bing Chat. The CEO of Bing, Mikhail Parakhin, said on Twitter that Microsoft hopes to begin live tests of this feature for Bing Image Creator in the coming week or so.

He was asked, “any ETA when the image creator model with be updated to support accurate text generation?”

Mikhail Parakhin replied on Twitter, “Planning to start first flights next week, hopefully.”

I tested it out trying to see if I had access to it, but Bing does not want you writing Bing on its art:

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Here are those tweets:

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