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Bing Chat NoSearch With Bing Disabled In The Wild

Bing Chat is now testing the nosearch feature, where Bing is disabled for Bing Chat responses. We first heard this was coming in early July but we were just waiting for a Bing Chat infrastructure update to happen before it was released.

So I guess the infrastructure update is now complete and live, since Bing is testing nosearch with Bing disabled in Bing Chat.

Mikhail Parakhin, the CEO of Bing, wrote on Twitter that this is now being tested. He said, “Some people see this now” and shared this screenshot of nosearch, aka Bing disabled, in the wild.

click for full size

As you can see, it says “Bing disabled” at the bottom left of the result with the ability to “activate search” for another query.

You might not see this yet but it is now being tested in the wild…

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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